David Myres

Vice President Of Land and Marketing

Mr. Myres began his career in the oil and gas business with American
Petrofina. He held various positions with the company, including General
Manager Refinery Supply, before moving to other refiners as an oil trader
and refinery supply executive. He later worked for a variety of energy
trading companies, which traded crude oil, natural gas and refined
products. He co-founded Oil-Tex Petroleum, Inc., a trading company, and
ran the company for many years. He later served as CFO of Petrocom Energy
Group, an independently owned natural gas and refined product trading
company. After leaving Petrocom Energy Group, David focused his efforts on
land and land management, trading oil and gas acreage, minerals and
royalties. David joined Brahman Resource Partners in September of 2017 to
manage the Cos leasing activities, as well as the Cos oil and gas marketing
efforts. David currently holds a certificate as a Certified Petroleum
Landman (CPL) and holds a B.B.A. of Finance from Texas Tech University.